Control Key Shortcuts
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The following control key combinations provide shortcuts to many of the more frequently used menu commands.
CTRL+ASelect AllAdd NoteBookmark by Value*
CTRL+BSubmit Batch FileDisplay NoteRebase Date column
CTRL+CCopyChange CaseSelect Column*
CTRL+DClear All Data  
CTRL+EUpdate Data and Exit* Excel import wizard
CTRL+FFindReorder Levels*Calculate Factor*
CTRL+GGoto Line/Cell  
CTRL+HNext Error MessagePrevious Error Message 
CTRL+IInsert row before current row*Insert multiple rows* 
CTRL+JInsert row after current row*  
CTRL+KSubmit ClipboardSubmit to current lineConditional Format*
CTRL+LSubmit Line DDE Link*Edit Factor Levels*
CTRL+MSubmit Selection/Run Analysis*Submit from current lineMove Column*
CTRL+NOpen New Text Window  
CTRL+OOpen File Reorder Columns*
CTRL+PPrint Protect Column*
CTRL+Q(none) Toggle Selection of Cell
CTRL+RReplaceRepeat LineSelect Row*
CTRL+SSave FileSave File As  
CTRL+TFind NextText Split*Temporary Missing Value*
CTRL+UUpdate Sheet* Allow AutoUpdate*
CTRL+WSubmit WindowRecycle WindowDefault Column Widths*
ALT+NCopy Column Names*Paste Column Names* 
ALT+T Combine Text* 
ALT+VPaste Special  
CTRL+0Restrict Expression*  
CTRL+1Restrict on Cell*  
CTRL+2Restrict No Missing values*  
CTRL+3Restrict Missing Values*  
CTRL+4Reverse Restriction*  
CTRL+5Restrict Selection*  
CTRL+6Restrict Selected rows added to Excluded*  
CTRL+7Restrict Selected rows removed from Excluded*  
CTRL+8Restrict UnSelected rows as Excluded*  
CTRL+9Restrict UnSelected rows added to Excluded*  
CTRL+0Restrict UnSelected rows removed from Excluded*  
CTRL+]Moves the cursor to next brace or matching statement  

Key assignments marked with * relate to spreadsheet functions only.

Bookmark Shortcuts

The following key assignments provide shortcuts to bookmark functions:
ALT+AToggleDisplayBy Value
ALT+D Delete Note 

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