Large phenotypic & genomic data brings new challenges for both breeders & analytics providers

Our powerful data analytics will help you derive greater value from these vast datasets

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Delivering analytical solutions

Researchers and breeders require faster analysis, across larger and larger datasets using tools that both support and guide faster decision making.

There is a need to combine precision ag knowledge, with advanced analytics and techniques in a computing infrastructure that allows researchers to assemble algorithms to create flexible and dynamic queries for discovery, pattern identification and problem solving across large collections of high dimensional data. The ability to both visualise and examine genomic data is also becoming increasingly demanding.

From sensors and handheld digital data collection and inventory management systems through to complex genotyping, phenotyping, omics and envirotyping– we build and deploy the right analytical content and tools in the breeding environments you need them.


Our services approach is designed around the goal of increasing the efficiency and outcomes of your breeding programmes.


Deploy our pre-built breeding management systems or design your own.

Cloud Analytics

Access our analytics online via browser or API, or integrate into your organisation at the right point in the data analysis chain.

Build our analytics into your breeding process

Using modules pipelines or cloud you can access our analytics at the right point in your analysis chain:

Design of Experiments: great design leads to quality data and effective analyses downstream

Data Gathering: be it handhelds, sensors/probes or other mechanisms we can support your data harvesting. Immediate insight from data at the point of collection by placing analytics on your sensors, probes, devices and handhelds

Data Storage: database design is crucial to being able to store, process and analyse your data efficiently and accurately

Analysis: deep dive into your data using our powerful analytics

Visualization: see your data the way you want to

Insight and Decision Support: output and visualisation that leads to real decision making

Examples of our analytics in action

H3 Analytics:

Within plant breeding new data generating techniques in the field of genotyping, phenotyping, omics and envirotyping present new opportunities for increasing the efficiency of breeding programmes. To take advantage of these developments we provide new statistical techniques and software.

H3 Represents:

  • High throughput phenotyping
  • High throughput genotyping
  • High throughput data analytics

Breeding Management Systems (BMS):

The Breeding Management System (BMS) is a suite of interconnected software specifically designed to help breeders manage their day-to-day activities through all phases of their breeding programmes.

From straightforward phenotyping to complex genotyping, it provides all the tools you need to conduct modern breeding in one comprehensive package.

Breeding View (BV) links an easy user interface to a statistical analysis package allowing rapid phenotypic and genotypic analyses of field trial observations.

Results include:

  • summary statistics
  • adjusted means of all traits
  • mixed model comparisons of genotypes and locations all through a set of simple, visual and easy-to-use analytical pipelines and quality insurance measures.

Sensors and devices

The Digital Data Collector (DIB) handheld device for data collection is designed with a user friendly interface to support breeding activities with different functionalities that can perform on-site data addition, modification, viewing, searching and barcode reading. Data is easily exchanged with the BMS.

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