Standard Toolbar
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The standard toolbar provides a quick shortcut to many frequently used functions. You can customize the buttons that appear on the standard toolbar using the customize toolbar menu item (under the Tools menu). The buttons available for the standard toolbar are shown below.

File commands

Opens a new text window for typing in data or GenStat commands
Open file in new text or spreadsheet window, according to file contents
Save contents of current window (prompting for a file name if untitled)
Save contents of all open windows or files
Print contents of current window
Opens a new, blank, spreadsheet

Window commands

Brings the output window to the top
Clears the Output Window
Brings the Event log into view
Opens or raises graphics viewer
Brings the previous window topmost
Brings the next window topmost
Displays a list of open windows
Closes the current window
Opens the Graphics Wizard

Edit commands

Cut selection and place it on the Clipboard
Copy selection onto the Clipboard
Paste Clipboard contents; insert at the current point
Undoes the last operation in a text or spreadsheet window
Re-does the last undone operation in a text or spreadsheet window
Copies selection of text as RTF table
Copy selection of text to new text window
Paste text to new text window
Indents selected text left one tab stop
Indents selected text right one tab stop

Search commands

Find string in current window
Find next occurrence of search string in current window
Find string in current window and replace with another
Move cursor to specified line in a text window, or cell in a spreadsheet

Data commands

Opens the calculate menu
Displays data in a hierarchical view
Deletes all the data from the server
Loads data from file directly in GenStat server

Submit commands to GenStat

Submit command to GenStat. Sends selection from the current window; if no selection sends entire contents of current window. If the current window is a spreadsheet, sends commands to update modified data
Recycle commands. Submits the current window and clears the output window before displaying the new results
Submits commands from the current line onwards
Submits commands from the start of file to the current line
Restarts the GenStat Server. This should only be necessary if it appears not to be responding
Clears the Output Windows and restarts the GenStat Server

Navigate using Bookmarks

Toggles a bookmark at the current position
Moves to the next bookmark
Displays current bookmarks
Add or display a note for the current bookmark
Clears all Bookmarks from the text windows and spreadsheets

Navigate Error messages

Moves cursor to the next error message in the output window
Moves cursor to the previous error message in the output window

GenStat Help

Invoke Help on GenStat
Search for help on a specific item

Miscellaneous commands

Controls whether syntax highlighting is used in the current window
Change font and colours used in current window or spreadsheet
Repeats the last menu command
Change the working directory
Exit from GenStat

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