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GenStat is a comprehensive statistics system which offers ease-of-use for the novice user through a Windows menu interface, or power and flexibility for the more experienced user through a powerful command language interface.

One of the main strengths of GenStat is the vast range of statistical techniques available which have been tested time and again by practicing statisticians, across many applications and disciplines. Including:

  • basic statistics
  • design and analysis of designed experiments
  • analysis of linear and generalized linear mixed models
  • microarray analysis
  • regression (linear, nonlinear and generalized linear)
  • hierarchical generalized linear models
  • spatial analysis
  • multivariate analysis techniques
  • time series
  • statistical process control methods
  • survival analysis
  • sample size calculations and resampling methods
Originally conceived and developed at the Rothamsted Experimental Station (RRES), where many of the statistical techniques still in use today were first discovered, GenStat has a 30 year pedigree and is used in the most demanding real-life applications today.

The current version of the software is GenStat for Windows 10th Edition.

You can test the software for free, by downloading a 30-day trial of GenStat.

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