Ihre Forschung

We’ve had a number of submissions and suggestions for stories – which have featured as Case Study articles on the site, so many thanks to those who have contributed so far. You can review the Case Studies here.

Tell us about your work

We are always keen to hear about how you use our software and want to use this section of the site to build a unique picture of the breadth and range of applications for GenStat, ASReml and GenStat Discovery.

You can submit anything from a short abstract of your work, to the full paper. Of course we will reference any submissions fully (seeking appropriate approvals from any journals as required) and see this as an opportunity for you, our users, to promote your hard work to the wider world.

Should you wish to submit your work, in the first instance please email us at: support@vsni.co.uk with a brief outline of your research, or a link to a published paper and also your full contact details.

We look forward to hearing from you.