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Individual Herd Heritability Estimates using ASReml

Herd heritability is an important issue in animal breeding; it measures the genetic and environmental influences on the development of a specific quantitative trait. Big words, with big meanings….but for cattle breeders it’s important to understand which aspects of the cattle are influenced by genetics and which by environmental factors. Understanding […]

Strategic Grazing using Reml

Farming strategies started way back with crop rotation which helped to prevent the soil being drained of all nutrients through over farming by one plant. Times have moved on as technology does and we’ve entered a more complex world of pesticides, herbicides, fertiliser and new crop development. As the world’s population […]

Protecting the potato

Destruction of crops by nematodes is one of the biggest problems facing farmers throughout the world. Crop yields can be significantly affected as well as the marketability of the crop. And potatoes, as a root crop, are one of the most common plants under threat from nematodes. Add to this the […]

Bee Breeding Secrets

There is something about bees that trigger happiness in people. Whether it’s the thought of honey dripping on toast or admiration for the organisation and industry of the little insects, you don’t have to be a bee keeper to like these pretty and industrious insects. Honey in itself is also highly […]

ASReml – Solving Dimorphic Traits in Bighorn Sheep

One hundred and fifty years ago Charles Darwin revolutionised the way we think about the natural world with the publication of On the Origin of the Species by the Means of Natural Selection. The ideas and theories he came up with in that book and subsequent books continue to stimulate biological […]

Capturing Nature’s Value

Conservation is becoming one of the most important, topical and contentious issues of our day. Historically most people understand conservation in the sense of an area set aside to protect local wildlife. Typical examples of this would be the game reserves of Africa, and other such national heritage sites across the […]

Training future plant breeding researchers

With all the complexities facing the world from climate and environment changes to how we feed the world, one thing is clear – we need research in order to plan effectively. And research needs well trained researchers; people who understand agricultural issues and concerns, and who know how to research effectively. […]

Simple legumes, complex analyses.

Since starting work at VSNi it’s no surprise to find so many applications of our software, be it GenStat or ASReml, are working within some aspect of agricultural research; projects that range from development of new plants to new herbicides or pesticides. But this isn’t just a race to find the […]

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall?

Anyone who loves Italian food is likely to have a strong opinion about the best texture of cooked pasta. But how can you gauge this? And therefore give real, practical cooking tips? Or even know what type of pasta you prefer? Particularly as there are so many different factors affecting the […]

National Variety Trials (NVT) program use ASReml to manage large data sets

Any arable farmer or commercial crop grower wants to know their efforts will be worthwhile. Success is measured in various ways, but profitability and sustainability are key indicators of the success of a farming enterprise. For crop growers, profitability is linked to maximising yield for fixed costs. A key aim is […]