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GenStat Discovery

Changes to the GenStat Discovery Programme

Since 2003 GenStat Discovery has been provided absolutely free to scientists, researchers and teachers from government or educational establishments based in qualifying countries. The management and upkeep of this programme requires considerable resource and support from VSNi staff. This programme does not receive any external funding and so we announce, with regret that GenStat Discovery licences will expire on 30th June 2014, and are not likely to be renewed unless external funding is sourced.

Until June 2014 you can still apply for GenStat Discovery. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to check you are eligible.

About GenStat Discovery

GenStat Discovery covers a wide range of statistical techniques, procedures and analyses in an easy to use menu environment making detailed and complex statistical analysis available to statisticians and non-statisticians. Functionality includes (but is not limited to):

  • Output suitable for publication
  • Spreadsheet facility for data manipulation and verification
  • Exploratory data analysis and basic statistics
  • Statistical distribution fitting
  • Regression analyses including linear, GLM’s, non-linear and HGLM’s
  • Tools for the design of experiments
  • World class ANOVA
  • Validated software with full audit trail
  • REML (unbalanced models, linear mixed models, spatial models, meta-analysis)
  • Multivariate analysis techniques
  • Survival analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Classification and regression trees
  • Publication quality graphics
  • Run R and Winbugs from GenStat Discovery


To request your free copy of GenStat Discovery please read the terms and conditions of use, then submit your request following the link below. We will check your eligibility, and assuming you qualify, contact you with details of how to download the software. It is important you provide the required details including a valid email address, and the full name and address of the organization where you are employed or studying. To request your software, please go to the request page.


Whilst we will not provide answers to individual technical support queries (other than installation issues), there are extensive guides available on our website and a detailed help system within the software.  License installation instructions and a Q&A can be found under Support.