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ASReml 2 plataformas compatibles

ASReml 2 contains different versions that allow ASReml to be used in batch mode, with an interface or as an add-on to S-Plus or R. The tables below list the variants of ASReml that are currently available for different operating systems.

ASReml Command driven version
ASReml-W Interface to ASReml (previously known as WinASReml)
ASReml-S ASReml add-on for S-plus (previously known as Samm)
ASReml-R ASReml add-on for R


Platform: Products:
98/ME/2000/XP/Vista 32-bit ASReml
XP/Vista 64-bit ASReml


The Linux version has been produced on several different versions, supporting different generations of Linux. If you are not sure which is the appropriate build for your version of Linux then see the compatibility table.

Platform: Products:
Redhat 7.1 32-bit ASReml
Redhat 9.1 32-bit ASReml
Fedora Core 3 32-bit ASReml
SUSE v10.0 32-bit ASReml-R
Fedora Core 3 64-bit ASReml

Sun Solaris

Platform: Products:
Sun Solaris 32-bit ASReml
Sun Solaris 64-bit ASReml