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ASReml 2

ASReml 2 is available with a new interface, or as an add-on module to S-plus or R. To find out what versions of ASReml are available on the different operating systems see the list of supported platforms.

ASReml 2 for new or existing users (ASReml / ASReml-R / ASReml-S)

For new or existing, supported users download ASReml 2, and enjoy the benefits of the new features and enhancements. ASReml 2 can be used as a standalone application or as an add-on to S-plus or R.

Looking to trial ASReml?

If you wish to trial the latest fully functional version of ASReml, please email support with your name and the name of your organisation / company / institution, stating you wish to trial ASReml.

Download instructions

These instructions work for:

  • ASReml-R (ASReml for R)
  • ASReml-S (ASReml for S-plus)
  • ASReml (Standalone ASReml)

To download a version of ASReml:

  1. Check the supported platforms to make sure that the required version of ASReml is available for your software platform.
  2. Fill out the existing user forms, specifying your platform (e.g. Windows / Linux) in the form.
  3. Select the appropriate download (ASReml-R / ASReml-S / ASReml) on the page that you are directed to.

Other downloads

FLEXnet components

Download the FLEXnet management system components to run ASReml using a network license.

Explore ASReml 2