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Replacing my existing PC, will my old license key work?

Please could you make sure that GenStat/ASReml has been removed from your old PC.  Once removed, please install GenStat/ASReml onto your new PC from either a CD or from our website at  Once installed please ‘register’ for license key, stating that the key is a replacement key and a license will […]

License error message once key installed, invalid host

The reason that this error message is appearing, suggests that the license key that has been issued, is being installed onto a different PC from where the request came from, or the PC has been reformatted, changing the Host ID of the machine.  License keys are machine specific so which ever […]

Installing Flexnet onto a windows server machine

1.  First of all, download Flexnet from our website at the following: Please make sure that you download the correct version of Flexnet, depending on your server platform.  There are also Flexnet end user guides available at the same link, to provide you with some useful information on how to […]

Information required to generate a floating/server license

The information that is needed for us to generate a floating/server license key is: Host Name Host ID/Ethernet address (this is not the IP address) Server Type (e.g. Windows, Solaris) Once you have FLEXlm\Flexnet installed onto your server, please open up the VSNLicenseSetup.exe file which can be found in the Flexlm\Flexnet […]

Installing floating/server key onto a server

When VSNi send you your server license key it will come as two attachments; vsn.lic and genstat.lic.  The file vsn.lic and genstat.lic should be saved in C:\flexlm\Flexnet on the license server and replace vsn.lic if there is already one in there.  The genstat.lic file should also be installed onto each PC […]

Requesting/registering a GenStat license key for a stand alone PC

Please could you Install GenStat from the CD, if not already done so.  Once installed, open up the genstat.exe file which should be found in C:\program files\\bin.  A start up menu screen should appear with an option to ‘register for key’.  Select the ‘register for key’ button and select either of […]

Installing a GenStat 8th/9th/10th edition license key on a stand alone PC

1. Please right mouse click on the attached file      Select ‘Save As…’       Make sure the ‘File Name’ is saved as genstat.lic      Save the file to one of the following locations: 1. C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSN International\Licenses 2. C:\Program Files\<genstat folder>\Bin Please report any problems to

Installing a GenStat 11th/12th license key onto a stand alone PC

1. Please right mouse click on the attached file      Select ‘Save As…’       Make sure the ‘File Name’ is saved as GenStat.lic      Save the file to your default file location, e.g. My Documents   2. Start GenStat and click the ‘Install License’ Button      Browse to where you saved […]