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Installing Flexnet onto a windows server machine


How to install Flexnet onto a windows server machine to be able to run a GenStat/ASReml server license


1.  First of all, download Flexnet from our website at the following:

Please make sure that you download the correct version of Flexnet, depending on your server platform.  There are also Flexnet end user guides available at the same link, to provide you with some useful information on how to install Flexnet onto the server, if you have problems.  Generally Flexnet will be installed onto the C:\.

2.  Once Flexnet is installed please open up the Flexnet folder and it should contain the follow files:

If any of these files are missing then please could you inform us as this may later on cause many problems.

3.  Please go to the following link which will provide you with step by step instructions on how to set up Flexnet, request a license file and test that the license works correctly:


(Just a note, that this link will explain how to install GenStat or ASReml onto a windows server as it is the same process)

If you have any problems or are unsure of anything then please contact us at support@vsni.co.uk.

Applies to:

  • ASReml 2 for Windows
  • ASReml 3 for Windows
  • GenStat


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