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We provide world class, leading edge software and services for the bioscience sector, particularly agri-science. Among our users are some of the world’s largest seed and plant breeding companies, relying on our software to help them develop new varieties.

gsthumb GenStat – used for genetic analysis, mapping the genes that influence particular traits and helping researchers and plant breeders identify markers to breed desirable crop varieties. GenStat is also used to examine the effects of different crop treatments, as well as a range of other statistical analyses. “GenStat is so versatile – I have yet to come across a test that I need that GenStat does not provide.”

asrthumb ASReml – for fitting linear mixed models using restricted maximum likelihood in plant and animal breeding and quantitative genetics. Specifically designed to fit very large and complex data sets efficiently, with unmatched model flexibility and high speed, due to its use of the average information algorithm and sparse matrix methods. “It is far faster than SAS, S-Plus and similar software.”

cycthumb CycDesigN is a computer package for the generation of optimal or near-optimal experimental designs. Its focus is on the types of design that are needed when you have large numbers of treatments, as in variety trials.


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