We are pleased to provide the latest installation of CycDesigN. CycDesigN 4.1 replaces the previous version, CycDesigN v4.0. If you are running v4.0 your current license will expire sometime between now and next April, depending on your renewal time. You can upgrade now and do not need to wait for your current license to expire. Simply download v4.1, install (please note: it will not overwrite your existing version) and register from the software or contact us. We will be able to set your new key to your current license term. If you are running an interim version (one obtained from us between May 11 until now) this  is labelled v4.0 but runs with a VSNi license; this version should also be upgraded to v4.1. Aktuelle Benutzer koennen CycDesigN, das GenStat-Addin oder beide Versionen hier herunterladen. (Sie werden dafür einen gueltigen Referenzcode der Webseite brauchen). Zur Beachtung: eine gueltige Lizenz erlaubt Ihnen die Benutzung des Einzelprogramms oder das GenStat-Addin If you wish to trial CycDesigN please email Support, with “CycDesigN Trial” as the subject.